Middle and High School Clubs

Arlington  Middle and High School Programs are run with the support of the Department of Parks and Recreation Office of Teenagers.

Now, Monday at Kenmore 2:30.

Monday at TJ 2:30 starting Oct 1

Wed at Gunston 2(30 starting Oct 3

Students from HB, Swanson and Williamsburg are also attending!

The fee through Feb is $130 in our middle school program, and if you continue through June the total one-year fee is 210 (additional $80)- this is a special middle school program for first year fencers.  All gear including tournament gear is provided.  In the MS program we provide loaner gear as long as they are in Middle school but most kids get their own gear/mask/jacket for fit and, err,  smell reasons.

FYI, if anyone qualifies for free school lunch the fee is $10, or $30 for the entire school year. If you don’t qualify, money is not an obstacle to participation.  Just ask and we will waive any fee except for $10, which is used to acquire your USFencing membership.

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We  run afterschool Programs at

Kenmore Middle School

Thomas Jefferson Middle School

Gunston Middle School

High School Programs include

W-L High School meets at TJ Mondays at 3:45 PM

Wakefield HS meets at TJ Mondays at 3:45 PM

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