Competition Class

Competition class participation is based on fencing level as judged by the coaching team. At least one year and some tournament experience is generally required.  Everyone is expected to participate in the 4 pillars of skill growth:

Footwork and Drill

One-on-one lessons

Electric-scored fencing


The Saber competition class is Saturday 10:15-11:45 (90 min) and Thursday 7PM-815PM (75min)

The short-term goals are:
Improvements in quality of fencing and physical conditioning.
Preparation for competitions and for competitive high-pressure environments.
Expansion of fencing repertoire as well as reinforcement and upgrade of fencing basics.

The long-term goals are:
Successful performances on Regional and National level competitions.
Self-awareness, discipline, fitness, and focus in and outside of Fencing.
Team building and team/group recognition and unity, as well as development of long-term friendships and relationships.
Parent participation in logistics support, team building and team recognition.