USFA Membership

Arlington Fencers’ Club requires participants to have a USFA fencing membership.  At a minimum we require a $10 “Non-Competitive” status. This provides insurance coverage for the club.

We encourage all AFC fencers to have the “Competitive” status so that you can compete in local, Regional, and National tournaments (see example card below).

For both types of membership, you will need to update your membership each year using the USFA website. The membership year is July to June.

Please also note that for Regional and National tournaments you will need to verify your age (this is to ensure that fencers are registered in the correct age group – e.g., Y10, Y12, Y14, Cadet). You can determine if your age is verified by looking at your USFA card (see example USFA card showing “DOB Verified: Y,” which means that the age was verified).

If your card reads – “DOB Verified: N,” then you will need to bring an official government document (e.g., passport, birth certificate) showing the date of birth of the fencer. If your age is not verified and you don’t bring an official government document, you may not be able to fence in that Regional or National tournament.

Below are the benefits of USFA membership.

Non-Competitive ($10)

  • Recreational fencing membership, can participate at a USA Fencing club, but cannot compete in sanctioned events
  • Includes secondary medical/accident insurance
  • Does not include voting privileges

Competitive ($75)

  • Can compete at sanctioned local, divisional, regional, and national-level competitions
  • Includes secondary medical/accident insurance
  • Can vote in elections of the USA Fencing membership (subject to the member voting age restriction)
  • Receives subscription to American Fencing Magazine